Certificate in Christian Spiritual Direction and Formation

The following program is available to regions and judicatories.
The Certificate Program in Christian Spiritual Formation and Directions is in response to the need for well-prepared laity and clergy who are being called to congregational ministries to minster as Spiritual Directors, Christian Initiation Mentors and Congregational Formation Directors.
This program:

  • –covers 2000 years of the great traditions of Christian life and faith including the rich heritage of 500 years of Protestant Spiritualities.
  • –is for lay or clergy who want to be: 1.) formal Spiritual Directors, OR 2.) Mentors to seekers, OR 3.) Formation Directors for Congregations.
  • –is open to those seeing spiritual enrichment and for continuing education.
  • –accepts individuals with life experience-based education and a formal degree is not necessary.
  • The cost is affordable: $25 – $50 donation-based for each course and learners pay as they go and as they are able. Six participants are necessary to conduct a class.
  • The discernment process to proceed with Year-Two supervision and the full Certificate Program does not occur until completion of 3 of the 5 courses.
  • Courses can be taken individually for personal spiritual enrichment and CEU’s.
  • The Program prepares Congregational Formation Directors and Mentors to return to the local church (in the UMC it is the “Come to the Waters” initiation process) catechesis process in place to mentor and direct new seekers in the ways of the Spirit.
  • Before acceptance into the program, applicants are required to attend a training (usually 3-days) with a member denomination of the North American Association for the Catechumenate (NAAC), an ecumenical organization which provides training and support for churches engaged in the process of baptismal conversion and making Christian disciples. Go to http://catechumenate.org/ for a list of member denominations and additional information.”  (This is a change in the certificate program 2010.)
  • The sponsoring agency or judicatory reimburses expenses including room, board, travel and instructional materials.

Download a full copy of the Spiritworks Certificate Program program and application here.

NOTE: Dr. Brown, an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church, holds a PhD in Pastoral Theology and Practical Spirituality. Her experience in spiritual direction includes co-directing the Formation Program in Spiritual Direction with the Institute for Christian Studies, a joint venture of the Episcopal Diocese and the United Methodist Florida Conference, Orlando, Florida and as an Associate Professor, directed the Spiritual Direction Program of Mars Hill Graduate School, Seattle, Washington. Dr. Brown is a member of the North American Association for the Catechumenate (NAAC), an ecumenical organization which provides training and support for churches engaged in the process of baptismal conversion and making Christian disciples. She is also a member of the Editorial Review panel of “Presence”, the peer-reviewed journal of Spiritual Directors International (SDI).

7 Responses to "Certificate in Christian Spiritual Direction and Formation"

I am interested in the Spiritual Direction and Formation Certificate. Are there first year classes scheduled for 2010-2011?

Dear Melodie, There are no classes scheduled at this time. But I’d be happy to talk to you about your interest. Blessings, Patricia

I am in my final year of seminary and would like to pursue the certificate in spiritual direction. I was hoping to take one or two classes a year.

Stumbled across your website, spiritworks.org, this afternoon. Am interested in the Certificate in Christian Spiritual Direction and Formation, but see that there are no classes at this time.

Do you know when classes might be offered?


Dear Debra, I see you posted 3 days ago. At this time there are no Certificate programs offered on the calendar. Blessings, Tricia

Dr. Brown,
I am a deacon in the UMC (certified in music and worship), and interested in the certificate program also. I completed 4 of the 5 classes for the certification process of the UMC while at Garrett in 2000-2001, but was never able to complete the process until now.

I’d be happy to talk with you further about the possibilities.

Dear Mark, I’d be pleased to speak to you about how I can be of help. Be in touch by e-mail: pdbrown@spiritworks.org

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